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Sending Home Online Policy

Sendinghome.online is a provider of an interactive obituary board tailored on the work of Sir Terry Pratchett, which are created and maintained by customers of our service. This document describes our policies regarding privacy, and the privacy expectations that you may have when using our GNU directory, using this site, or when corresponding with us. 


We do not collect more information than what we believe is necessary to provide our services. We never sell, trade or barter customer records. We only share customer information that is necessary in order for us to provide our services, including:

  • We may disclose information in certain circumstances in response to a court order or in response to a subpoena or other judicial or administrative process, or may do so if we believe there has been a violation of law or an emergency necessitating such disclosure.

We do utilise a mailing list to alert everyone of new GNU’s and to keep the loved ones names in the overhead at all times.

  • We will use your email address only to provide requested assistance or information or to provide information that may be required by law, or if we have information that we believe may materially affect your usage of our services, unless you have opted in to the GNU Mailing.


      • We are based in the United Kingdom and our servers are hosted in the United Kingdom. You authorise us to store in the United Kingdom any information or content you may post, create, or otherwise make available to our service in accordance with this Privacy Policy. 


When you post a GNU, you are sharing your submission publicly.

Any information revealed in a GNU provided through our service becomes public information. Should you choose to include your full name or other information in a GNU, you may be subject to unsolicited correspondence from other viewers of your post. Your GNU will be indexed by search engines and found in their listings. 

You should exercise caution when deciding to disclose any personal information.

After any posting, a truncated version of your IP address (with the last octet dropped), as well as your user-agent string, which ordinarily includes such information as your computer’s operating system and the type and version of your web browser, is available to the owner and/or moderators of the message board or forum you have posted at. This is necessary for the owner to administrate their message board or forum, and to control abuse by permitting them to place IP address bans.

To prevent abuse, we may also preserve the full IP address and user-agent string information related to any GNU posting, for as long as 10 years after your posting. We may reveal such information to governmental agencies, courts, or other third-parties if we believe, in our sole discretion that you have or may have committed illegal activities, violated our terms & conditions, violated the rights of third-parties, impaired in any respect the ability of Sendinghome.online to operate our service properly, or endangered in any respect Our name or third-parties, or in the event that the information is subpoenaed or subject to other judicial or administrative process. 


If you sent a GNU you can remove it from your user dashboard. If you would like us to totally remove all your details and GNU’s, you can request the removal by emailing us at gnu@sendinghome.online; all content, postings and associated information will be erased.

We will respond within 30 days, and may request information sufficient for us to verify that you are inquiring about your own information.

Please note that most information requested and stored by us is the minimum necessary for us to provide services to you, therefore if you request that your information be removed, you may not be able to use our services. 


Correspondence received from customers of our service (who identify themselves as such) regarding their account will ordinarily not be revealed to third-parties, except as we deem in our sole discretion, necessary for us to address any issues raised in or by such correspondence, or as required by law.

If you’re contacting us about someone else’s account, your correspondence may be revealed to that customer, or to other third-parties at our sole discretion (even if the third-party contacting us is also our customer). For instance, if we receive a complaint regarding a customer’s account, we may reveal that complaint to the account holder, so that they may address the situation. 


Our website will feature advertisements. This allows us to offer our service for free. When you view pages, third party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on your prior visits to this or other websites (except as indicated below). You may review how Google uses information by visiting here


We use Google’s reCAPTCHA service on certain forms on our site. This helps prevent spam robots from consuming our resources by requiring the submitter to prove they are not a robot. Use of reCAPTCHA is subject to Google’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. You consent to these policies and and such usage of information by using or interacting with such forms. 


We may log IP address and user-agent string information associated with requests to our servers, regardless of whether you post a message. This is necessary so that we can diagnose errors, connection issues, and control abuse of our resources. Such log information is ordinarily retained for a maximum period of 3 days. 


We make no representations or warranties of the privacy practices of our customers or other third-parties who post GNU’s. Customers and third-parties are responsible for their own compliance with any applicable laws or regulations. 


We do not knowingly collect or maintain information from persons under 13 years of age. 


This document and our policies may change from time to time. Any such modifications will be posted at this address. Please check here regularly for any such changes to our policies. If you are our customer and we change this policy in what we believe is a material way in our sole discretion, we will attempt to notify you via email. 


You may contact us via email at gnu@sendinghome.online

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